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Download our Dek-King brochure here
This brochure provides more information on Dek-King material, including decking, top rails and hand rails.

FAQ about Dek-King
If you have questions about Dek-King, click the above link – there's a good chance of finding the right answer. Naturally, you may also contact us by e-mail or phone.

Dek-King installation video
The following video demonstrates how to install Dek-King yourself. You may also order made-to-measure panels. Although they cost more, they reduce the installation effort.

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Dek-King – the ultimate alternative to real teak

Dek-King differs from other decking products in its amazing similarity to real teak. At trade fairs where the two products are displayed next to each other, we ask visitors to say which of them is plastic. Both products are selected equally often, which clearly shows that the visual difference is very small. However, Dek-King has many practical advantages – it is virtually maintenance free, it is resistant to UV, and it is not slippery when wet. What's more, it is fully recyclable and is very easy to install.

Unlike teak, which can only be installed by specialists such as Nidra, you can certainly install Dek-King yourself if you wish. The unique concept gives you several options.

  • The first option is to follow our guidelines and order individual profiles and fittings. This is the least costly method and the most flexible, but it requires the most work.
  • The second option is to use fully prefabricated panels made according to templates or drawings provided by you. You can do the installation yourself. This is more expensive, but it requires less installation effort.
  • The third option is to have Nidra or one of our authorised installers do the installation – a worry-free approach with a perfectly finished result. This is the most expensive option, but perfection is guaranteed.

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