Nidra services

We have just about every imaginable trade in house: certified welders, master woodworkers, car mechanics, software engineers, electronics specialists, and so on. This diversity is a major advantage, because it enables us to offer a wide range of services at low prices. At Nidra we can do virtually everything a boat needs, in house.

At Nidra we regard investment in new technology as essential. For example, in 2011 we acquired three new computer controlled machine tools, as well as semi-automated machines for making tarpaulins and other items. We also have several exclusive agreements with European and US companies, which enable us to further improve our services.

Nidra Job-Shop

Who do we work for?

Our job shop services are available to everyone – both professionals and private parties. We can handle everything from tiny orders to volume production orders. Thanks to our foreign partners, we are often able to offer simple solutions for even the most difficult tasks. We also have the necessary equipment and expertise in-house at Nidra to help you quickly with sound quality. Please do not hesitate to ask us for advice and prices; it is often less costly to use our CNC machines than to make the parts yourself.

What can we offer?

Nidra specialises in working with relatively light materials, including wood, plastics and aluminium. For these materials we have computer-controlled machines that can hand materials with dimensions up to 1.7 by 3.3 m. A plasma cutting table with the same capacity is on order. We also do welding and folding in steel and stainless steel, as well as engraving and milling or routing with a precision of 1 µm.

Smaller CNC machines primarily used for milling, routing and engraving wood, plastics and light metals.

Conventional machine tools primarily used for the manual machining of metals.

Flatbed machines intended for machining flat stock and making 3D shapes.

Ask the people at Nidra first!

If you have a problem ¬– you can't find a supplier, the delivery time is to long or the price is too high – ask Nidra whether they can help. We have skilled professionals on staff, and we have the equipment necessary for making just about anything that is used on or around boats. This also makes us an ideal supplier for industrial and public sector customers.