Nidra services

We have just about every imaginable trade in house: certified welders, master woodworkers, car mechanics, software engineers, electronics specialists, and so on. This diversity is a major advantage, because it enables us to offer a wide range of services at low prices. At Nidra we can do virtually everything a boat needs, in house.

At Nidra we regard investment in new technology as essential. For example, in 2011 we acquired three new computer controlled machine tools, as well as semi-automated machines for making tarpaulins and other items. We also have several exclusive agreements with European and US companies, which enable us to further improve our services.

Overview of key services

Complete boat renovation

Nidra is your ideal partner for everything from minor repairs to complete boat renovation. Request a quotation – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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Nidra shrink-wraps everything

Wrapping objects with shrink film, commonly known as shrink-wrapping, is one of Nidra’s specialities. Learn more about the options.

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Installing teak and Flexiteek

The demand for imitation teak has risen sharply in recent years. This excellent alternative has many advantages, and the choice is years – Nidra installs both of them.

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Wood-plastic-metal machining

Nidra has computer-controlled milling, cutting and engraving machines with capacities up to 3.3 x 1.7 m. We handle everything from the template or drawing onward.

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Welding and metalworking

Nidra has specialists and equipment in house for fabricating everything from pulpits, swim platforms and railings to complete steel structures for you.

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Boat maintenance

We can maintain your entire ship at a reasonable price. We offer all-inclusive annual contracts and perform specific jobs on request.

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