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This brochure provides more information about shrink-wrapping for industrial applications and boats.

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ShrinkBink provides the best protection for your boat.

Preparing your boat for winter storage each year is a lot of work, and six months later, when you want to go sailing again, there's a lot to be done before you can hoist the sails. Although we don't have any easy solution for the first task, if you have your boat shrink-wrapped by Nidra you can practically eliminate the effort of getting the boat ready to go at the end of the winter. Even more important, your boat stays clean much longer, and it lasts longer due to reduced exposure to the effects of weather. Nidra uses the unique ShrinkBink material, which is your guarantee of an environmentally friendly and reliable solution.

Only boats?

Shrink-wrapping is not limited to boats. Nidra can shrink-wrap just about anything that needs to be protected against the elements. We can shrink-wrap almost everything imaginable, including large machines, helicopters, cars and other objects transported on open lorries or on deck, as well as outdoor attractions that have to make it through the winter.

Wrapping boats

Any type of boat can be shrink-wrapped, including sailboats and motor boats. The boat remains properly ventilated, and the risk of intrusion is reduced. This also puts an end to the yearly touch-up exercise.

Working on the boat

Working on a boat outside the summer season can be disagreeable; rain and wind can spoil your efforts. We can erect a temporary shelter on or around your boat.

Screening scaffolding

Open scaffolding is often prohibited. Working on open scaffolding is very unpleasant, and the whole street gets covered with dust. We can screen your scaffolding tautly and securely.

Wrapping aircraft

Helicopters and other aircraft can be wrapped for transport or when they have to stand outdoors for an extended time. Shrink-wrapped aircraft stay clean and remain accessible.

Wrapping machines

Have your costly machines wrapped for storage or transport, or simply to protect them when work is being performed in the vicinity. Shrink-wrap is the safest and lowest-cost solution.

And anything else you wish

At Nidra we can wrap anything you value. For example, this slide will need only minimal maintenance at the start of the new season.

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