Nidra products

Several manufacturers have designated Nidra as their exclusive distributor, primarily for Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro. In addition, Nidra manufactures parts and products for the maritime and industrial sectors. In this we strive to create as much as additional value as possible, so that our customers find it attractive to purchases these goods from us. For all of these products, we have the necessary expertise in house for providing support to installers, whether by means of training courses or assistance on the job site.

Overview of key products

Flexiteek, an alternative to teak

Flexiteek is the ideal alternative to real teak. It is less costly, requires less maintenance, and is certainly just as attractive. Hand grips and other fittings are also available.

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Shrink-wrap whatever you wish

If you’re looking for a trouble-free way to overwinter your boat or provide shelter for your work, shrink-wrap is the ideal solution.

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TERCOO® rotating blaster

The same result as grit blasting, but without the drawbacks. Easy set-up, low material consumption, and no frozen hands in the winter.

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Propulse Propellers

Plastic propellers are stronger and lighter than aluminium and easy to balance. They also have adjustable pitch, and the blades are replaceable.

Fendering and profiels

Nidra offers a range of buffer profiles for boats, piers and industrial applications. In addition to our large range of standard products, we can supply made-to-measure profiles in your choice of plastic.

Sound Damping

Noxudol sound damping compound is used to reduce unwanted noises which arise from vibrations – so-called structure-borne sounds – in metal, plastic, glass fibre materials etc.

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