Service contracts

Is your boat berthed in a distant marina where you can't check on it regularly? You would like to have a more frequent checkup of all the important systems on your boat? Do you think that your engines should be started more frequently?

This is why we offer you a maintenance contract at Nidra. You have a choice of various options here, extending from simply carrying out monthly checks to all-in packages. The fee depends on the amount of work involved and the inherent risk. However, the aim of every contract is to give you a specific guarantee: the guarantee that your boot will stay in good condition and that you can start your holiday with no problems.

maintenance, renovation and monitoring

Do you sometimes worry about your nice boat?

Your boat is a passion and a source of enormous pleasure, but it is also a delicate and costly possession. There are numerous sources of concern – not only annual maintenance, but also regular inspections and those small but unavoidable remodelling jobs and repairs. Few people have the time and the opportunity to visit their boat regularly and check whether everything is in order. It should therefore hardly be surprising if your precious holiday time is substantially curtailed because your boat has suffered damage. A simple leak in combination with a faulty pump is all it takes.

At Nidra we guarantee you unencumbered enjoyment.

We ensure that your boat remains in good condition without requiring your active involvement. This can be handled by one of our standard maintenance contracts or simply by placing specific orders. If there is any need for larger jobs, you can stay with the same partner because Nidra has a full staff of specialists for remodelling or renovating your boat.

Our three service areas that guarantee you peace of mind

Our monitoring service is the first step on the road to security. Your ship is visited at regular intervals and checked for irregularities. This reduces the chance of damage and keeps the maintenance tasks under control. The end result is that your boat stays in top shape longer with less wear and tear, thereby reducing the need for renovation work.