Service contracts

Is your boat berthed in a distant marina where you can't check on it regularly? You would like to have a more frequent checkup of all the important systems on your boat? Do you think that your engines should be started more frequently?

This is why we offer you a maintenance contract at Nidra. You have a choice of various options here, extending from simply carrying out monthly checks to all-in packages. The fee depends on the amount of work involved and the inherent risk. However, the aim of every contract is to give you a specific guarantee: the guarantee that your boot will stay in good condition and that you can start your holiday with no problems.

boat maintenance

Boats are great, but they need a lot of maintenance

Boats need more maintenance than any other form of transport. Even new boats manufactured with low-maintenance materials need a certain amount of attention every year. If your boat is located close to home, you can do the occasional odd job on the boat and reduce the apparent effort, but the effort has to be repeated every year. Furthermore, you need to be a jack of all trades if you want to look after all the maintenance yourself, because many jobs need the expertise of a professional.

Nidra does this for you, and at a very reasonable price.

Nidra specialises in maintaining boats, which enables us to offer you very attractive prices. To make the work go faster and improve quality, we group orders and keep tasks strictly separated.

Our staff have years of experience in the maritime industry, and they can draw on the resources of a network of specialists. We have direct contact with boat builders and work according to the guidelines they specify.

Nidra performs boat maintenance both inside and outside the country. Here again we group orders to reduce travel and accommodation expenses. Thanks to our European branches, you are spared import and export difficulties.

Everything from simple rowboats to mega yachts

We maintain virtually all types of boats, Even small pleasure vessels receive proper attention at Nidra, the same as their bigger cousins. Speedboats and RIBS may have special service requirements, in many cases imposed by the manufacturer, and Nidra follows their specifications to the letter. This also applies to professional vessels, for which other statutory regulations must be observed.

The benefits of a maintenance contract

Working on the basis of a maintenance contract has major advantages for both you and us. Our ability to deliver high quality at a low price is largely a result of our grouping policy. Maintenance contracts allow us to draw up annual schedules and keep all costs as low as possible.
If you and several fellow boat owners have your boats in the same marina, you may be eligible for a group contract. The savings we achieve with this arrangement are passed on directly to our customers. This means that you receive the same Nidra service, but at lower cost.