Service contracts

Is your boat berthed in a distant marina where you can't check on it regularly? You would like to have a more frequent checkup of all the important systems on your boat? Do you think that your engines should be started more frequently?

This is why we offer you a maintenance contract at Nidra. You have a choice of various options here, extending from simply carrying out monthly checks to all-in packages. The fee depends on the amount of work involved and the inherent risk. However, the aim of every contract is to give you a specific guarantee: the guarantee that your boot will stay in good condition and that you can start your holiday with no problems.

boat renovation

Renovation according to your wishes and conforming to our expertise.

If you’re dreaming of a different interior, the engine and electrical system urgently need replacement, or your boat is in such poor shape that only renovation can save it, Nidra is the right partner for you. Our main strengths are our experience in boat renovation, our knowledge of shipbuilding in general, and our very attractive prices.

From minor repairs to complete renovations

Nidra performs not only major renovation work but also minor repairs, such as replacing a few locks, sorting out an electrical problem or installing a new sun awning. Especially during the season, our staff are often called out to start engines, track down leaks, or repair small but irritating defects.
Nidra is your ideal partner for major renovation projects. Full hull treatment, a new superstructure, interior renovations, replacing electrical and electronic systems, refurbishing or replacing the engine – everything is possible. Nidra has suitable specialists on staff to perform these tasks in a professional manner. We also work with renowned partners for any tasks that we cannot handle ourselves.

Clear agreements

Surprises are not uncommon during boat renovation. After removing cabinets, panels or coats of paint, you get a picture of the true condition of the boat. We consider it important that the customer retains control over the costs, and accordingly over the work to be performed. No matter where you are, Nidra ensures that you can keep track of the activities and adjust them if necessary. We adhere strictly to our agreements, but at the same time they are formulated to give our customers room to manoeuver if necessary..