Service contracts

Is your boat berthed in a distant marina where you can't check on it regularly? You would like to have a more frequent checkup of all the important systems on your boat? Do you think that your engines should be started more frequently?

This is why we offer you a maintenance contract at Nidra. You have a choice of various options here, extending from simply carrying out monthly checks to all-in packages. The fee depends on the amount of work involved and the inherent risk. However, the aim of every contract is to give you a specific guarantee: the guarantee that your boot will stay in good condition and that you can start your holiday with no problems.


You are not there, but we do!

Our monitoring service is the first step on the road to security. Your ship is visited at regular intervals and checked for irregularities. This reduces the chance of damage and keeps the maintenance tasks under control. The end result is that your boat stays in top shape longer with less wear and tear, thereby reducing the need for renovation work..

How does this work?

You and Nidra draw up an contract that specifies how often inspections are carried out. Because every boat has its own specific features and most of them are known to the owner, the contract specifies which items need extra attention. You can mark off specific areas or stipulate specific rules.
In the boat there is a logbook where visits are recorded and in which the irregularities and the actions taken are noted. If the inspector finds irregularities, they are always reported to the owner using a means of communication chosen by the owner. If extensive measures are necessary, the owner will be notified. If this is not possible, action will be taken to prevent damage, photos or video recordings will be made, and designated persons or bodies will be notified.

How much does it cost?

The price depends on the location of the boat and the requested activities. Thanks to our existing network and the large number of boats, Nidra is able to offer especially low prices. Furthermore, you are eligible for special group rates if you take out a contract together with several fellow boat owners. Contracts are available starting at a few dozen euros per year – much less than the costs they may help you avoid.
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