Nidra services

We have just about every imaginable trade in house: certified welders, master woodworkers, car mechanics, software engineers, electronics specialists, and so on. This diversity is a major advantage, because it enables us to offer a wide range of services at low prices. At Nidra we can do virtually everything a boat needs, in house.

At Nidra we regard investment in new technology as essential. For example, in 2011 we acquired three new computer controlled machine tools, as well as semi-automated machines for making tarpaulins and other items. We also have several exclusive agreements with European and US companies, which enable us to further improve our services.

Welding and other metalworking

What are Nidra’s capabilities?

Nidra is not a specialised metalworking company and therefore has limited capabilities. This limitation is not always a disadvantage – for example, we are more flexible than most metalworking companies and we have no objection to coming to your boat in order to weld together a structure on the boat. Nidra is able to work with aluminium, steel and stainless steel. Our CNC machines can handle large areas, but they are only suitable for relatively soft metals. The rest of our machines are suitable for steel and stainless steel.

What can we offer?

Nidra specialises in made-to-measure work and is primarily active in the maritime sector. However, we also work in the construction and industrial sectors. Our draftsmen can produce 3D drawings for the customer, or we can work with customer-provided drawings, either on paper or digital. In 2012 we will put a CNC plasma cutting table into service, which will considerably expand our capabilities.

Our specialities include making pulpits, swim platforms and bimini tops. Nidra also installs them.

Nidra has an assortment of small machines that enable us to work quickly and professionally.

Although our shops are not suitable for making large items, we can and do build them on site.

Ask the people at Nidra first!

If you have a problem - you can't find a supplier, the delivery time is to long or the price is too high – ask Nidra whether they can help. Thanks to our flexible company structure, we are often able to fulfil your wishes. Nidra delivers professional quality at a very reasonable price.